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Funny Pug Videos

My gay pugs!

My pugs are gay and they’re brothers!

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Posted in Funny Pug by admin on January 2nd, 2010 at 8:41 am.


27 Replies

  1. XXSLashXnXBurnXX Mar 3rd 2008

    My pug is a flamer but I love the guy to death!


  2. kingman54 Mar 11th 2008

    Lets give em a cigerette, Lol

  3. madd9110 Apr 3rd 2008

    LOL “Put ur lipstick away, buddy.”

  4. weedgamer420 Apr 20th 2008

    what the heck.

  5. Puppyhomie Aug 25th 2008

    Lol. My Dog always takes a pillow in her mouth after humping. And that’s right, she’s a girl!

  6. Goenitz5 Dec 18th 2008

    hence the phrase “bite the pillow”

  7. dnon75 Dec 20th 2008


  8. lessuperskater Dec 23rd 2008


  9. ilovegreenday08 Jan 12th 2009

    I’d Throw out the pillow x.D!

  10. Kennyboy1 Jan 16th 2009

    They dont have anyone else so… I guess they must love it lol

  11. pugpetz Feb 12th 2009

    Great Pug Video! Well done! Did you know there is a new Pug membership site called Pugpetz have a look at my channel to find out more.

  12. Punkrockchick27 Jun 7th 2009

    hheelllooo XD

  13. kielstadt Jul 9th 2009

    My cat did it too hahaha……. A nice jerk off hahhaha

  14. jacu25 Jul 15th 2009

    lipstick! hahahaa

  15. Amn12309 Aug 7th 2009

    my 2 male dogs do the same it is cuz they dont have any female s around

  16. IFreZzAx Aug 7th 2009

    They do it for dominance

  17. Animalloverz1 Aug 9th 2009


  18. BMFpug Aug 19th 2009

    he was kinda quick dont ya think XD

  19. MOOKYUFHFDsTaRZ Aug 27th 2009


  20. annalisagetscrunk Sep 16th 2009

    Incest ew

  21. Kristanni20X6 Sep 26th 2009

    brotherly love

  22. iluvphones Oct 10th 2009


  23. tigerchild1986 Oct 10th 2009

    lol my black pug is the same way we have tried to breed him but he is not interested lolol he is only interested in our male rotti

  24. alwrig Oct 22nd 2009

    You gonna take ‘em to a pride march? Or a Barbara Streisand concert? Well, maybe not the latter…unless you’re willing to take a second mortgage on your house.

  25. amandavanwhore123 Nov 21st 2009

    wait are they realy fukking or just playing lool

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